Hakuna Matata.

Yesterday, Auckland had a downpour of epic proportions. The storm battered my car as I drove the 1.5 hours north of Auckland to Omaha beach, where I was to get ready for my brother’s wedding with the rest of my family.

Most people would view the drive that I had as ‘miserable’ – but you will soon learn – I am not most people…

You can either choose to be negative, or positive, in situations like this. I don’t see the point in being negative when you can’t control external elements. I had a place to be, and only one means of getting there.

Solution: Chuck on some Disney tunes and sing my heart out.

This was my view for my journey, and although gloomy, you can still see the beauty in it.

I sang along to some of my favourite Disney classics (Hakuna Matata, Part of Your World, Someday My Prince Will Come – just to name a few) and felt nothing but happiness – moments like this are incredibly important to me at the moment.

It didn’t have to be a bad journey, just because of a few rain clouds…

…and even on the days that start out the stormiest, there can be the sunshine at the end.



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