Secret holidays.

I successfully managed to miss an international flight out of Auckland this morning. 

This is new for me, usually I am the most onto it person, who plans for every scenario, but when it came down to it, not even 3 alarms could wake me, and I ended up missing my flight.

Lesson? Set 5 alarms.

Also, I must have really needed that extra sleep. 

$600 and one hour later, I was boarding my new flight out of the country, and onto my secret adventure. 

Not in New Zealand anymore. 

I’m currently in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. 

My parents arrived a day before me, picked me up from Sydney then we drove to Newcastle to surprise my Uncle for his 60th. It was an awesome surprise, and one that made me feel like my Gran was there with all of us. Emotional AF! 

I also got to see my cousins again, after 20 years of not! 

Way to celebrate this occasion? On St Patrick’s day, of all days? Go to an Irish pub.

There was excitement, and drinking. Lots of drinking. Also, lots of dancing, and talking, and discovering that my cousin & I have so much in common, have gone through similar battles, & really both needed this night out. 

As I said before, I needed that sleep that made me miss my flight, although I’m always one to stay positive, I have a lot of things running around in my brain right now…will I get a new job? Will it be a great job? Will I move house? Where will I live? Does he like me? Doesn’t he like me? Will I run out of money?

So I’m glad I forked out a ridiculous amount of money for a replacement flight to Australia, as this weekend is perfectly timed, and already, after a night of just pure fun and “letting go”, I’m already starting to see the simplicity’s in my life/work dilemma. šŸ’ššŸ˜ŠšŸŗ

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