It’s taken me three days to find the courage to sit down and write this post. Three days of denial, denial to the fact that tomorrow, I will not be starting a working week with all of my other colleagues, because, the reality is, they aren’t my colleagues anymore, and that fact, sucks, just a little bit.

I was asked on Thursday (my last day working at my job), how was I doing..

“Bittersweet” was my response.

I didn’t want to leave my job, but I understood the reasons why. I understand business decisions and strategy – just because I understand it, doesn’t mean I wasn’t hurting over it.

I had become comfortable in my working space, after 6 months, I felt confident to walk in, usually the first one in my area every morning, sit down, make my coffee and look at what I had to do for the day.

I got used to the “Good Morning Jess!” from certain people.

I looked forward to the kitchen synchronisation that happened some days with certain people.

I genuinely enjoyed the work I was doing and was excited to learn every day about the world in which I was working in. Advertising. Which is a full on world, with so much to learn, and I feel I’ve only tapped into about 20% of all general Ads knowledge so far.

Although I was feeling bittersweet, I hold nothing but incredible memories for that place.

I took a risk 6 months ago, by leaving a stable job that I’d had for 8 years, to be in a contract role with the possibility that it would end one day, based on circumstances beyond my control.

I 100% feel like that risk paid off. I may not be working there anymore (still a hard fact to grasp), but I left with something better than I’d ever hoped for, friends. The people I have met, have impacted my life so much, that I would take this risk, with the same result, over and over again.

On my final day, I sent this quote out to my team, as I feel it accurately represents how I feel about life..

Doors close, it’s inevitable, but you have to look for more doors to open and kick down.

As it turns out, on my final day, I received a pretty exciting phone call, which will be in another post in the near future I’m sure, but it’s just evidence that as this door was closing for me, another exciting one was opening up somewhere else.

I also was able to walk out of work with the peace of knowing that I will be seeing certain people again, as I’m not ready to not have them in my life, just yet. So I look forward to what the near, and distant future might hold.

For now, I have a month of holiday to keep me occupied.

In 5 days I take off on my first solo adventure, which will see me travelling around the South Island of New Zealand, all on my lonesome, having the most amazing time and allowing my life to be expanded.


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