Day 1: Kia ora, Queenstown!

Auckland > Queenstown > Glenorchy > Queenstown.

I started my adventure at 7.10am, sitting on the plane I was visibly nervous. Was going on a holiday by myself the best idea? I’d just had my mum questioning why I was even doing this in the first place. Why was I?

As soon as I saw the unmistakable mountains of the South Island, I knew exactly why I was doing this. I owed this to myself.

I needed this adventure because I always thought it would be up to another person to give me a lifetime of adventures and that I wouldn’t be happy until I had found that person. I discovered pretty fast today, as I was driving on some pretty awesome roads, with some epic views, that I am the only person I need, to give myself a lifetime of adventures.

My first stop on my journey was the drive to Glenorchy, about an hour out of Queenstown. On the drive, I was greeted with these amazing views, and I thought to myself “I don’t ever not want to be blown away and mesmerised by mountains”

Once I got to Glenorchy, I found a walking track, as part of my “8 days to fall in love with myself” mission is to kick start my self-love campaign and that is by keeping fit and putting good things into my body.

So I walked for a good couple of hours and took in these sites…

I also had this thought “I don’t want to be with anyone else right now, I want to be by myself”

Sure, I could have had friends come along on this trip if I’d bribed them, and this morning I would have really wished I had someone else coming along, but in that moment, walking around this beautiful country, I realised I didn’t actually want anyone else to be there with me.

Before I left Glenorchy I decided to kick ass again at eating alone at a cafe, this time it was a quiet one that overlooked the wharf, I sat outside with my panini, oj and book. I could get used to this life.

To end my fabulously enchanting day, I booked myself into the day spa at my accommodation and enjoyed 3 hours of treatments. Full body scrub, full body wrap, full body massage and to top it all off, a facial. Bliss.

I fell asleep at least 3 times, and I’m pretty sure I had some life changing moments in those 3 hours, I just don’t remember them anymore.

4 thoughts on “Day 1: Kia ora, Queenstown!

  1. “It’s very nice to hear of someone her age enjoying her own company as well as what’s going on around her. That’s maturity.” – my Nana saying this about you and this post after reading it to her. She is the ultimate self best friend and independent lady 😄👍

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