Day 2: I’m sick.

Arrowtown > Lake Hawea

Today didn’t go quite as planned.

What I had planned: Helicopter to Milford Sound

What happened: It was too windy to helicopter anywhere, I went back to sleep, I slept in and I woke up sick.


Obviously not exactly what you’re wanting 2nd day into an adventure, but, I still had an adventurous day and didn’t let the fact that I wasn’t feeling 100% stop me.

I had decided that I would drive a couple of hours out of Queenstown, to do the Blue Pools walk and sightsee along the way, however, it was raining the closer to the west coast it got so scrapped the Blue Pools walk and just went sightseeing instead. I’m going to be back along that stretch of road on Monday afternoon anyway, but I wouldn’t have time to sightsee then, so thought I’d make the most of my day today. Blue Pools walk is still planned for Monday though, where the forecast is more pleasant.

I stopped off in Arrowtown to get some brunch, I’m becoming quite the pro at being able to walk into a cafe, sit down alone and eat without thinking everyone is judging you. News flash: They’re not!

Honestly, I thought I would totally chicken out on this trip and end up hiding in my hotel room eating food before going anywhere or eating in the car. So happy I’m getting over this fear, not only does it grow your self-confidence and independence, but it allows you to eat awesome stuff like this…

Along the way, I got to see some amazing scenery, and stop at every lookout point that I could.

This is overlooking Arrowtown and beyond.

Before I got to Lake Hawea, I went on a little off-roading adventure, as the promise of public bathrooms was near. I couldn’t find the bathrooms, instead, I managed to get my car stuck in the gravel. I had a mild moment of panic in my head about being stuck in the middle of nowhere, found weeks later, death by idiocy. I had been told weeks before my trip that it would take an idiot to get lost on these roads. May I present to you, an idiot, me.

I remembered the little knowledge I know about cars, and with some awesome reversing and driving skills repeated a few times, with the final plan of “flooring it”, I ended up getting unstuck and continuing on my way. With only that minor freak out in my head, and the remainder of the time staying pretty calm, I’d call that a win.

What was even more of a win, was the views that awaited me a few kilometres around the bend…

The thing about mountains and water for me is not that they are just pretty to look at it. I see more than that when I look at the above. I see the power that went into creating those landscapes, I see the millions of years of changes, I see the many faces of our planet.

It may seem strange to say, but I’ve never needed drugs to get high, I’ve never needed anything apart from a good landscape. That is why my mind has constantly been blown for the last 24 hours, maybe that’s why I woke up sick because my mind can’t take this much pure joy at what I’m seeing.

I don’t know if that is just me who thinks this way about the land and sea, but I’d love to one day meet a fellow landscape enthusiast who feels in the same way I do. I think we could be great friends, perhaps more.

For now, I’m having an early night, and preparing for tomorrow’s adventure – which is one that I am looking forward to the most. It won’t be happening until 11 pm though, so I have an entire day of anticipation and excitement to look forward to.


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