Day 3: Table for one.

Arrowtown > Mt Aoraki > Tekapo

“Can I have a table for 1 please?”

Walking into a cafe by yourself and eating brunch is one thing, walking into a bar by yourself and eating dinner is a whole other ball game.

Or at least I thought it was, until I did it for dinner tonight, and I realized that again, nobody else cares, and I’m just a person, eating dinner.

Today was a fantastic day.

I started bright and early with a walk around the Queenstown Gardens and Lakefront. Holy crap this place is beautiful, it reminds me so much of Canada that I can’t contain my excitement at the fact that I can get $59 flights down here when on sale!

I also had a lot of “positive thought” moments whilst walking. I didn’t think I’d love my own company as much as this, and I totally get the appeal of solo travel now. It’s life expanding and I’m so glad I’ve done this. I also feel like I am held accountable for this trip, that could be explained in another post maybe, but if it wasn’t for a certain pull here, I don’t think I would have got on that plane, and I would have been so incredibly disappointed in myself.

I spent the rest of the morning in Arrowtown with my Aunty and her partner. We took their 2 dogs for a walk and got to explore a little bit of the quiet town, which is so beautiful. I could even see myself moving down here at some point if I could get a solid job, then why not?!

My next adventure lies in Tekapo, so I headed off around 1 pm and made sure I stopped along the way for photo opportunities, including the amazing Mt Aoraki (Cook).

I was told by a now ex-colleague of mine, about the time they were driving around the South Island and kept wondering which mountain was Mt Aoraki – until he rounded the corner and all of a sudden, he said he just knew which one it was, as it stands out among the rest.

He couldn’t have been more spot on with that description.

As I was driving towards Twizel, I had the same thoughts, “I wonder which one of these is Mt Aoraki?”, until I rounded a bend, and my eyes popped and mouth dropped. You can’t mistake which one it is when you see it.

Unfortunately, in this picture, you can’t actually see it (go figure), but I am using an iPhone and despite picture quality being quite good, it doesn’t exactly show things in the distance very well.

But imagine a mind-blowing scene.

I arrived in Tekapo around 5 pm and went straight for a walk down to the lake, which has the most amazing colour water. After walking around I found myself in the bar I was talking about at the start of this post and proceeded to have my first solo dinner out.

At midnight tonight I am going on a stargazing tour up Mt John, as Tekapo is a dark sky reserve, and judging by the amazing setting sun right now, and clear skies, I think I am going to be in for quite a treat.

It’s only day 3, and I already feel like my life has changed for the better.

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