Day 4: Let’s drive!

Blue Pools > Haast pass > Fox Glacier

As far as activities go, today has been pretty uneventful. It was meant to be that way, though.

My 4th day into my travels and this day was set aside purely for driving. So as far as this post goes, it’s going to be pretty short and sweet.

I left Tekapo around 10 am, I had a slow start this morning due to me not falling asleep until around 2 am. I did a midnight stargazing tour at the top of Mt John, although there was some cloud cover which blocked half of the night sky, we got some pretty amazing views of the other half. I also got to see Jupiter through a telescope, which was amazing to be able to make out the bands and colours!

The drive from Tekapo to Lake Hawea was tedious, I’d driven on both of these roads over the last couple of days so there wasn’t anything new to see and it was raining, so I was scared the drive would drag on.

I found myself having thoughts about how nice it would be to have another person on this trip to share the driving, and then thought, to only want someone here just to give me a break driving, and not to help with any loneliness, is a pretty good win. As in, I haven’t felt lonely once, and I’ve always struggled with the fear of ‘being alone’ and now I think I’m overcoming that one.

One of the main points of this trip, was to show myself that I can do anything, and I don’t need someone else with me every step of the way, and I think I’m proving this fact daily.

The second half of the drive was much better, I hadn’t driven these roads before or ever seen these sights, and driving through Mt Aspiring National Park was mind blowing!

I also made it to the Blue Pools and walked over a huge swing bridge all by myself (which is quite a challenge for me!).

I’m now on the West Coast, staying in Fox Glacier, and doing the Glacier tour tomorrow. I would highly recommend anyone go on a solo adventure at some stage in their lives because this has greatly inspired me on a path I want for the rest of my life, and I know nothing will stop me now.

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