Day 5: Impulsive helicopter moment!

Fox Glacier

I’m a firm believer in things having a way of just falling into place, or working themselves out quite nicely. Whether it’s getting offered a new job on the final day of a job you love or finding yourself in the corner of a bar with someone you didn’t expect, they fall into place because they are meant to, and today just fell into place…

What was meant to happen today: Fox Glacier walking tour at 2 pm.

What actually happened: I went in a fricken helicopter!

I drove into town to have brunch at around 10 am, whilst sitting eating my toasted muesli, I overheard a tour group leaving, having a helicopter briefing. This got my interest, as my helicopter tour for the Milford Sound a few days prior had been cancelled (got my refund, yay!) and I still was eager to tick this off my bucket list.

So I went inside and inquired about their tours, the person behind the desk said that unfortunately they have no more tours going today, and the weather for tomorrow didn’t look very good. Just as I was about to leave he called out to me and said: “I don’t suppose you’d want to go on the one that’s already left, I can get the guys to turn around and pick you up?” (not turn around the heli, turn around the bus driving the others there).

Of course, my answer was yes. I was in no way dressed appropriately to land on the snow at the top of a giant mountain, but who cares?! You only do this kind of thing once.

So I got to tick something off my bucket list, and it was so amazing. One of the best things I have ever done. I also got to sit in the front, next to the pilot, which was even cooler. Words can’t even describe how cool this was, so I’ll just put these here…

Definitely a highlight of my trip so far.

The rest of the afternoon can’t really compare to the morning, however, I still did some pretty cool things. I went for a walk to Lake Matheson, which usually has a mirror image of the mountains in the lake, but today the lake was moving too much for that.

I also still went on my 2 pm Fox Glacier walking tour, which was perfectly timed as it was only me and 2 other people, so our guide took us off the path to get some better views. It’s crazy how fast the Glacier has receded in the last 9 years, to actually see the points at where it was, to where it is now, it puts a bunch of things into perspective.

I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective on this trip, and the role I want to play in my own life. I am sick of being an overthinker and sitting back and just hoping something will happen, you have to make things happen and be active and present in your own life, because nobody else is going to do it for you. If you have to make the first move, then make the first god damn move!

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