Day 6: I’m not coming home.

Quick little post as there is limited wifi where I am, and where I am is heaven.

I drove up the west coast of NZ today, stopping at Pancakes Rocks for a spot of sightseeing.

I then made my way to somewhere I’ve been looking forward to this entire trip, Maruia Springs.

My South Island expert had told me about this place, it’s isolated and meditative, just what I need.

He couldn’t have been more spot on for sending me somewhere, it’s like my soul expanded the moment I saw where I was staying.

Nestled into the mountains, I’m staying in a Japanese style log cabin, with my very own massage chair in my room. There are 24 hour hot springs, and civilisation is ages away. 

I was only meant to be here 1 night, but I decided to extend my trip by a day so I can stay an extra night here. I need this, I deserve this. My soul is screaming out for this. 

I plan to meditate, get up for sunrise in a hot pool and do yoga. Eat fruit and smile. 

This is it. This is life.

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