Day 7: Appreciating life.

I don’t have a lot to say about today, apart from the fact that I deserved it.

I woke up for sunrise, got into my swimwear and went outside in the crisp 7 degree weather. I didn’t stay cold for long though as I hopped into the thermal springs at the resort, better still, I was the only one around.

If ever there was a perfect moment, this was it.

The remainder of my day was spent having alone time, alone with my thoughts, and eventually writing a letter to my future self, to read at anytime I feel discouraged in the future.

I had my last solo dinner, reflecting on how far I’ve come in a week. The ability to sit with yourself, and not feel alone, is the sign of healthy self-love. I want to encourage everyone to love and care for themselves, because you are your own hero. 

I feel awake, I feel alive, and I’m ready to go home tomorrow and start a new journey. 

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