Day 5: Happy National Donut Day!

By pure coincidence (and mainly fatness) I ended up buying myself some donuts today, to then find out it is national donut day (in the US)..regardless of this only being a US national thing, it should be celebrated worldwide, & it made my donut eating a bit more guilt free.

Today =

  • Anxiety free day! Woohoo! I took an annual leave day, as I was meant to be going away, but that got cancelled last minute, so I went shopping with my mum, visited my Nana, and planned my moving.  I really don’t have anything of insight to report on today, nor sadness, or overly happiness. Today I was content. Boring post, I know, here’s some pictures!

Found this on my Nana’s iPad, she had taken it when we were getting ready for my brother’s wedding. It was so hot that I opened the freezer up & sat next to it. The purpose of the empty soda bottle was that everyone was saying I looked like a drunk who had just stumbled home and crashed in front of the fridge, so I grabbed the bottle to make it look so.

My cat fucking loves me. It’s written all over her face.

I saw this today and thought it was quite nice. I also thought this was me.

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