Day 7: Adventure Buddy!

I spent a lot of money today – cha- ching! $$$

Nessacery purchase, bank account looks a bit sad.

For nearly a year now, I have been driving my mum’s car, and for nearly a year before that, I was driving a company car, so it’s been about 2 years since I owned my own car.

Today, that all changed – I bought a car!

Meet Addison-Gray!

Got me a little Nissan Tiida.

For ages, I’ve had my heart set on a Mazda Verisa, but when I travelled around the South Island, I had hired a Tiida and was super surprisedΒ & impressed by how good it was. It got me all around the south island and was incredibly comfortable (some days I drove for up to 7 hours) – it was smooth, reliable & economical.

I’m having to give my mum her car back this week and I’m at a stage in my life where I’m taking responsibility and ownership for myself and buying a car was one way of showing that.

I’m so excited, I get to pick her up on Tuesday. I also thought a lot about her name, as naming a car is just as important as buying one!

Addison-Gray stands for a few things, but mainly I wanted something to remind me of the South Island and the freedom & independence involved with that trip.

Addison = Adventure. Adi for short.
Gray = The South Island, for reasons I won’t get into. Also, she is a purple/gray, which I adore.

I can’t wait to go on all the adventures with my new adventure buddy!

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