Day 12: Why am I crying?!

I was in a meeting for 2 hours today, my blood sugars dropped & life got confusing.

I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, where I just sat & cried for a good 10minutes, i could have stayed there for hours crying, that’s how much tears I had, but I pulled myself together & got on with it.

Why was I crying though? I still have no idea. 

I thought maybe I was overwhelmed with work, but I solved some problems today & got a lot of high-fives, so it’s not that.

Everything else is going pretty good, so it’s a mystery to me, but I just sat on the floor, hugging my knees, crying my eyes out.

Perhaps the incident on the weekend is affecting me in a way I’m unfamiliar with? But I don’t think so. Honestly, I’ve had more of an emotional reaction to finding out some news about someone I used to work with (who I had/have feelings for) then I did about seeing the person who destroyed me, & still not having heard from them. 

No clue. Can’t think of why I was a mess. It’s a mystery, I’m a mystery, life is a mystery.

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