Daily blogging is hard. I quit.

I lasted 12 days, that’s something right?

Life got in the way. I moved back in with my parents, which required 3 full days of moving stuff as I opted to go it alone, I exhausted myself to the point I got vertigo, so that has been fun.

Work has been super crazy, and I’m learning how to prioritise more and more each day.

and I still feel nothing towards what I did 2 weekends ago, so much so that I went and did it again last night just so I can really feel nothing again.

I have finger bruise marks on my hips. Oops.

But, I’m still determined to blog, let’s aim for a few times a week?

I found this at the beginning of the week and thought it too perfect not to share. Every single one of these is me. Especially the no pants.

My new car doesn’t have an updated stereo system (yet), so I can only play CDs, which is enabling me to get reacquainted with my old favourites. Artist of the week: Pearl Jam.

I went to my psychologist this week & explained to her all about what happened 2 weekends ago, and how I don’t feel anything, and that I’m confused and waiting for some kind of devastation to hit. She actually congratulated me on how far I have come and explained that what I was experiencing was closure, and choice, and control – 3 things I struggle with, let’s call those my 3 C’s.

I rarely have closure with anything, I feel like my choices are always being made for me, particularly in a relationship sense, and same goes with the control. So this is what feeling good feels like. So good, that I did it again, and I feel even better. Boom. Life.

I moved back in with my parents mid-week. It’s like a whole bunch of stresses have just lifted off my shoulders for awhile (those stresses being bills, rent, inability to save). I was concerned about how my cat would take the move, but as you can see, she’s being a normal cat.

This though is the #1 perk of living back home with my parents. THEY HAVE A BATH. I love baths, and my apartment DIDN’T HAVE ONE. THE TRAGEDY!

I already feel 50% more relaxed living here than I did last week, so I’m sure that number will grow. I’ve been successfully doing my relaxation techniques since moving in, and overall, I’m feeling great.

Bring on another week.



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