Where I’m meant to be.

Life works out in strange ways.

September last year, I left a job I’d been in for 8 years, to go into something completely new to me. It was terrifying. New role, major company in NZ, and to top it all off, it was in Advertising – a hard industry to be a newbie in.

I was hoping to stay on at this place, initially only on a 3 month contract, which got extended to another 3 months with the aim of going full time.

For reasons that are bigger than me, that didn’t happen, and I found myself, quite frankly, devastated.

Not so much devastated over the job itself, as I was still learning and felt on the back foot most of the time, but I loved the people I worked with, and I find it hard to let go of people.

However, some of these people, held me up in my low times, supported me, and guided me in every way they could, 2 people in particular, who I will always owe so much to. One of them reads this blog (hello hello, thank you, you are the best 😘) – and she got me in contact with the person who ended up offering me the job I’m in now.

The way that came about, was initially just a coffee to ‘pick her brains’, I had no idea that it was also kind of an interview, and because of this, I was incredibly relaxed and myself.

This lady obviously saw something in me, as she contacted me the next day and said “Let’s skip the formalities, who are your references, I have a job you’d be perfect for”

In the end, she knew someone quite influential at the current workplace, and contacted them about me, who apparently gave me an amazing reference, which I am also thankful for.

When I was officially offered the job, there was no way I would turn it down, the universe opened some doors with this one, and it felt meant to be. 

And now, here I am, 2 months later, and honestly, I’m kicking ass. I feel comfortable, I own what I’m doing, I have confidence, I speak up at meetings, I contribute ideas (and they are good!), I’m trusted & ive had amazing feedback (the most recent one being that they think I’ll climb up the ladder very fast). I’m also about to pitch myself for the Marketing Executive role as a maternity cover replacement, which I’m confident they’ll agree too as it means I get 6 months of experience in a higher level role. 

All of this life happiness came upon me on Wednesday, when I attended my first major event that my work do. It was awesome. I know I’m meant to be in the NZ marketing industry, and I feel like I’m here to shake it up and make changes. 

I also owe a lot to my past workplace, as with that 6 month experience, I know I’m worth more than small jobs, that I can have courageous conversations, I can network with people in the industry, and the best bit of advice from someone I hugely respect from that organisation, “Be yourself, because you are pretty rad. If people in industry judge you based on your tattoos, they obviously don’t know you, or what you can do, because you’re great”


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