This week, my cat best friend, aka little love of my life, had surgery, and the world stopped.

My best friend is a cat named Mischief Ellen. She is 9 years & 8 months old and has captured my heart & soul since December 4th, 2007.

Unfortunately, the last 4 years have seen her have some health issues, that has progressively been getting worse over the years. I’ve tried a bunch of different things to try and prevent her problems from happening (problem: impacted anal glands resulting in abscesses) but it’s now at the point where I have to consider some complex surgery – removal of the glands altogether.


1 – Don’t get the glands removed, every 6 months bring her into vets for small procedures for the rest of her life – which becomes riskier the older she gets.

2 – Get the glands removed, solve the problem, no further surgery.

Sounds easy right?

Sadly, option 2 comes with complications, if they accidentally snip a nerve, she will become incontinent or worse, paralysed. (I know how easy it is to have a nerve accidentally snipped as I went in for routine wisdom teeth extraction and the dentist snipped my lingual nerve so I can’t feel half of my tongue and gums now). So it is a risk.

But I think what is a higher risk, is subjecting her to procedures every 6 months for the rest of her life, as the older she gets, the less likely she will be in great shape to have a general anaesthetic.

So option 2 it is, it will give her a better quality of life in the long run, and I have to think positively that complications won’t happen – but if they do, we deal with them.

What this has done for me though, is bring a lot into perspective. All weekend I was highly anxious over whether I made the right decision to not travel out of Auckland to see the douchebag idiot who doesn’t actually care about me. Once all this happened with Missy though, none of that mattered anymore.

All that matters is what serves my quality of life. It got me thinking what is really important in the long run. It was easy to figure out;

  • Missy: She makes my world go round. When my ex-husband walked out 5 years ago, and I felt like the world couldn’t go on, she never left my side, I was suicidal at that time and I promised her that I would NEVER leave her. We have been the best of friends since.
  • Friends: I have the best friends, I know everyone thinks their friends are the best, but honestly, mine are better. I have eliminated people from my life who don’t serve me any purpose and have a small, but amazing group of people.
  • Family: I put my friends first because you can choose your friends but can’t choose your family. Unfortunately, I don’t have the most solid relationship with mine, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are incredibly important to me.

Relationships don’t even come close to making the cut in the list of what is truly important to me, until someone comes along into my life who I can truly trust, and meet me as an equal, there is no point focusing all of my attentions and efforts on deadbeat losers who don’t know what they want.

So despite having a bad week with a very sick cat, it has put all of the above into perspective for me, and for that, I am grateful.



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