Jumping out of planes: Making dreams come true

I haven’t blogged in awhile (like over a month awhile) & I make no excuses for my lack of creativity. But I just wanted to share with the world how awesome of a nana I have..

For as long as I can remember my nana has wanted to go skydiving, but as time went on, it never ended up happening. My grandpa got diagnosed with Alzheimers 10 years ago & she’s focused on him, and in the process, put her life on hold to care for someone who really isn’t alive anymore.

Last year, my mum & I surprised my nana with a trip to Cairns, Australia, for her birthday – and that trip has finally happened.

As I type this I am sitting in the Cairns international airport, waiting to go home. For me, this trip was a big deal to spend a holiday with my mum, our relationship is always up & down, so I am happy to say I survived with only 1 mental breakdown. 

One of the biggest points of this trip though, was to make my nanas dreams come true. I wanted to get her that skydive, so I used all of my tax refund & got her and I an experience of a lifetime.

At nearly 76, my nana jumped out of a plane.

She wasn’t scared, and she had the most amazing time, and proved that you are never too old to start or try something new. 

If I’m anything like my nana when I’m older, I can die happy.

& just cause these photos are super attractive, I too had a blast!


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